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Paychecks & Balances | Personal Finance & Career Advice for Millennials

Mar 7, 2017

We go to college to get our “dream jobs,” then we are unable to pursue our dreams because we need the income from the job to pay off the debt incurred from going to college. What a time to be alive! “Simon Sinek (age 43) spoke to The Independent about how parenting, combined with social media, working environments, and our impatience have created a generation plagued by low self-esteem, and what we can do about it.” Say what now? Are Millennials really that entitled and emotionally ill-equipped? On behalf of Millennials everywhere, we debunk these alternative facts. On this week’s show we discuss:

  • Is it ok for companies to expect Millennials to be available to work 24-7, even after normal business hours and on the weekend?
  • How searching for your dream job is like finding your soulmate, your “soul job” is a journey that might take your entire career.
  • Following-up on episode PB40: Think Like a Recruiter, Rich discusses another LinkedIn feature — — that can help expand your professional network and identify possible referrals based on your school’s alumni.