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Paychecks & Balances | Personal Finance & Career Advice for Millennials

Apr 8, 2017

We get back to basics on this week's Money Minute with simple tips you can use to create a budget you'll actually stick to. Yes, we here at PB already admitted that budgeting sucks, but is it a necessary evil we just have to follow? Some would argue no, "'s the thing about budgeting: It's not fun. At all. And for that reason, it often ends up just being a waste of time..." - David Bach, self-made millionaire. On our This Week in Work segment Rich covers the Managing for Dummies struggle and how even experienced professionals can fall victim to "the backdoor reference". This week's topics include:

  • Why maintaining a budget may or may not work for you when you're not already a millionaire like Mr. Bach
  • Marcus shares lessons learned from a Christmas story from his teens that continues to shape his perspective on budgeting in his adult life
  • Rich reminds us that today's coworkers can be tomorrow's personal character or professional reference
    • The Backdoor Reference: When someone has a contact in their network that knows the person under consideration and they reach out to them unofficially to get the scoop, the grapevine, The Real, or even just the juice.