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Paychecks & Balances

Sep 13, 2016

It's hard to believe it. Marcus' book -- yes, the one he has been talking about for over 3 years -- is finally available in stores in paperback and as an eBook. Visit to buy the book and learn more helpful tips for beginning your journey towards debt freedom. On this episode, Marcus talks about the motivation for writing the book (all thanks and shout-outs to the listeners for the support). On a more reflective tone, the Money Minute segment covers the pros and cons of writing a book about being debt free. This debt freedom journey has included many supporters, a fair share of naysayers and who can forget, the haters. Fortunately, the chorus of support has far out-sung the whispers of negativity. The moral of the story? Not everyone is meant to support your journey or hear your voice. Focus your energy on the group that's ready to help, listen, and make you a better person. We've found our motivation through you. Bless up! So what's next for us? Wait...we thought this was the end of the journey. Make a funformative podcast. Release the book. Netflix and chill time, right? WRONG! It's time we embrace the hustle hard system, no Rick Ross, as Paychecks & Balances had its best month in August 2016! This has motivated us even more. You deserve the best so we'll continue to get better. We look forward to continuing to bringing you great content that helps raise your paychecks and lower your balances. We'll also remember how we got here -- and maybe even try not to forget where we came from? So, if you're a listener and you have a question or want a topic covered, don't hesitate to contact us. Remember, you ask the questions, we find the answers. Announcements: Look for us at #FINCON16! Debt Free or Die Trying, the book, is in stores and is live. Be sure to check them both out. See what we did there? We’re happy to announce that we’ve been featured on iTunes and have been as high as #19 in the Business category! Be sure to check it out. You can also helps us reach an even larger audience by leaving us a five star review. Thank you all for the continued love and support!! Looking for more career development and debt freedom tips? Join our email list at for exclusive content including show updates, digital giveaways, and more. We don’t spam. We just keeps it real. Yes, keeps. LIKE us on or follow us on Twitter @PayBalances!