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Paychecks & Balances

Sep 27, 2016

After the initial excitement of a new job opportunity wears off, a listener begins to wonder if this move was the right move after she is confronted with an unfortunate reality check underneath the surface. It turns out things are a little bit different behind the scenes than what was presented during the interview. She asks, should I stay long term? Her question is below. Have a career or debt management question of your own? Contact Us! I started a new job recently. I was made aware there was a restructuring prior to my hire, however I did not realize how many people it impacted. Now that I've started the job it seems like a bigger deal than I realized. My direct report was one of the people who was laid off with 30 days notice. In those 30 days most (not sure if everyone) who were laid off were given a new job in the restructure. From my understanding the sales team was not rehired, and we now have a very small outside sales team. I realize that I could have potentially probed a bit more during the interview process regarding the restructure. But, I feel blindsided by some of the other things and the current climate in the office. It has made me feel like I potentially made the wrong move of working here. I don't plan on jumping ship, but would this be the type of situation that would warrant leaving after a year? Announcements: Marcus' book, Debt-Free or Die Trying, is out! Get your copy today on Amazon! Looking for more career development and debt freedom tips? Join our email list at for exclusive content including show updates, digital giveaways, and more. We don’t spam. We just keeps it real. Yes, keeps. LIKE us on or follow us on Twitter @PayBalances!